Monday, October 8, 2012

More Sauerkraut

Hello again, After all the hoopla about my sauerkraut in the gal. jars in the back hall, I totally forgot to post when I finally processed them.  Here they are.  We have already tried some with bratwurst and it's yummy.
     I know not everyone processes kraut, but I just feel safer that way and I also love the look of the sealed jars sitting on my kitchen counter.
They are now looking good on the basement shelf.


Hello Everyone!  I am finally getting a chance to post the bookmark picture to show you the type of bookmarks my stamping group made last time we met.  These are large print and decorated for a nursing home.  Even if they don't read, they all love getting a little gift and we made 60 wonderful bookmarks to hand out.  I have a pattern done in Word and can print out the bookmarks and change the verses if I want to.  Then each person  decorated in their style or however they were feeling that day.  They were all gorgeous!  It's a wonderful thing when something this small can give the person who made it pleasure and the person who actually handed them out AND the person who received them.  We will do this again!