Sunday, December 28, 2014

F4A253 Case of One4Joy

Hi Friends,  This is a card made for a challenge on splitcoaststampers  the day after Christmas.  I was just way too busy to breathe this week - let alone do a card  challenge but when I saw what it was I had to attempt it. This is a link to the challenge  on Splitcoast  The challenge was to find the gallery of a person whose cards you admire and who greatly encouraged you along the way when you first started.  I knew without looking who this would be.  When I first signed up I just watched for what seemed like forever.  Sometimes I made a card, but never uploaded as I thought none of my cards were good enough - and I was NOT a beginner at making cards.  When I finally did start to upload, the cards were not for MY pleasure but always for those who might see it and like it. (and maybe give a comment)  Sometimes I made a card I really loved, but  then thought no one else would like it so it never got put in my gallery.    One day I came across the gallery of One4Joy.  I LOVED Susan's wildly creative and always gorgeous cards and I admired her for being able to upload cards that were so different from most cards on the site.  Her cards alone were an encouragement to me - even for a long time after I was uploading mine, and of course, Susan was always an encouragement!!  The card of Susan's that I chose to case in her honor was this one.  I sure had lots of fun digging in the button jar, but could NOT come up with a cute Christmas tree, so I plopped the buttons down on the rug and they seemed to look like an angel (Well...some people see things in clouds...)  Smile  So it's a little late, but this is a Christmas Angel bringing Good News, and as a Sign of the Times the Good News is computer generated.