Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving at our house is a menagerie of people who like to play games, watch football and do crafts.  On occasion we do a Thanksgiving craft and many times we have done Gingerbread houses as was the case this year.  This is my grandson, Ryan, and I at the start.  Usually I don't get to make one because I am so busy beating the frosting, but this year I threatened them with taking turns doing the beating and they were all very careful and used small amounts so I never had to make a second batch.  :)
This is the end result.  I call it The Neighborhood.  There was one more, but she managed to get away before the picture was taken.  No one EVER likes what they built.  Mine is the one with the TV tower.  There is also a pool in back that you can't see made from Sweet Tarts. 

The next one cheated (found an easier way)  She found a box the right size and just glued everything on.  OK...  The third is supposed to be something from Dr. Who. (I don't relate.)   I think there's a window on the back.  The last belongs to Ryan and everyone was horrified that he didn't unwrap the candy on the roof.  Less messy that way though, and I sure like it.

All of this is stuck together with Royal Frosting and if you don't know what great glue this is, you need to try it.  Here is a link to the frosting on if you think you'd like to try it.,163,153160-252200,00.html  It works at Christmas too.  :)

Cards for the Homeless

If you see this in my yard, you better come in because something good is going on.  I am a bit behind, but on Sat Nov 17th, My Paper Inc. group got together to make cards for a homeless shelter in Milwaukee called The Guest House.  There were 15 of us and our goal was 86 cards.  I had asked the girls to start at home and bring some card kits ready for the beginners to assemble.  Bless their hearts, they did.  Then my sister, Melody, who has been cleaning in her craft room, donated 65 beautifully made Christmas cards that just needed an inside sentiment.  These wonderful ladies finished off 183 cards and Bob - my sweetie - took them along with him to work this morning with plans to deliver them to The Guest House.  I am more than pleased and I know they will be too.

Vacation Cards

I can hardly remember the relaxed feeling I had when we were on vacation in Oct. Life had sped up more than I want to admit since we got back.  We rented a "cabin in the woods" as Bob is always wishing for one.  No phone service and no TV reception.  I LOVED it.  The weather was perfect and I mean PERFECT.  We went for walks, watched DVDs, did email, went on an ancestor hunt with great success and most of all, I was able to sit and just make cards.  This is a picture of most of the cards I made.  I did mail a couple.  The place we were is called  Cabin Creekwood and is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  You can find it online.  if you want privacy, solitude, gorgeousness all around you, wonderful host and hostess, and total relaxation.

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Victorine Originals Stamps

Hey Everybody,  I just got an email from Vicki of Victorine Originals.  She is offering some brand new Christmas stamps today.  They can be bought as a set right now at a DISCOUNT and will be sold individually starting next week Here is the link.  Check it out.  I think they are adorable.