Monday, December 23, 2013

Recycled Burger Box?

Hello!  I have an entire evening alone - to rest, relax and do whatever I want.  I should be cleaning as Christmas Dinner is HERE, but I'm playing instead.  Wouldn't you?  Who needs a clean house anyway!
My story:  I stopped to get a fast burger one day and discovered the burger box.  Since then I have been very careful to not let any ketchup, lettuce, dressing or anything else on that box because they make the neatest cards.  I just finished this one and am hoping it's my LAST for this year.
My intent is to show you a few steps to get the thing from Burger Box to Card Material

I started with the box.  Clean it up if necessary as no one wants to get a card that smells like food, but if it's bad, you need to pitch that part and just use the good stuff.  You will find all sort of "inside information" on the inside of the box - like the type of burger it is and what should go on each one.  You can ignore that as you will be peeling all that off in a minute.  You can cut the entire box up - cutting on each fold to get your pieces to use.  Your next step will be to find WATER.  I use a spray bottle from whatever I used up last, but running the cardboard under a faucet works too.  You need to be careful to not get it too wet.   If this happens, let it dry some or use a heat tool on it. Just the top layer needs to be wet enough to come off.  Catch an end with a fingernail and gently start to pull.  It should come off easily.

If you get it too wet and the backside comes off too, you will lose the wrinkles and they are the reason you are messing with this in the first place. If you are wetting it under a faucet, just wet it quickly, then pat off the excess and let it soak in. I dried mine this time with a heat tool after the top layer was off, and it worked well.   Once your cardboard is dry, you can use it as you would cardstock, chipboard or other things to make small embellishments for cards or scrapbooks or whatever you like.
I used the framelets from Stampin' Up's Ornament Keepsake set to make my ornaments for the card.  I like the bare cardboard look, but you sure could paint them or sponge them,  always being careful to not press too hard as this cardboard is very soft and I think that's what makes it wonderful.


Victorine Originals Challenge #75

Hi Everybody.  This is my card for the current Victorine Originals Blog Challenge.  You can find it  here.  The challenge this time is to make a card with three layers.  Mine has the striped layer, the polkadot half layer and the popped up ornament layer.  I LOVE this ornament.  It's so versatile.  Nice and big, so you can use it like this or stamp it on the card front and use it for a sentiment space or stamp an image right on it, or make a decorated ornament by using a border across the center, and you can think of more. 
I fussy cut the ornament and tied a piece of twine on it because I like "simple.
Check out the challenge.  If it's not up yet, it will be soon.  Vicki always has a drawing for stamps, so check it out and make a card this week.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Memory Tree

This year we were very late in getting our Christmas tree.  We usually have it up for a couple weeks by now, but we picked it up this morning, brought it home and then had to wait while it melted off.  Rain and cold together make ice on trees and that's what we have.  The trees were all half price which was great, and once we made it out of the tree lot, we were home free.  Wisconsin has ICE today.  The roads are salted, but the rest is treacherous.  This is a very bad picture of our fir tree already decorated.
I usually have sort of a Memory Tree, but this year decided to do ALL memories.  It was exhausting & I couldn't figure out why.  They are all good memories.

My first memory picture is of my first Christmas here.  I was just married, barely 18 and had a 3 and a half month old baby.  Nothing much else, but I wanted to "make Christmas".  Somewhere I got walnuts, cracked them very carefully, ate the insides and glued them back together with string, thread, and whatever I could find to hang them on the tree.  I sprayed them gold and/or silver and have them to this day.  I believe I strung popcorn too, but that is long gone.

The spool ornament was a gift from my best friend's daughters.  I have two of these spool ornaments.  The daughters were in a girls club and for Christmas they were to choose someone who meant a lot to them and give them the ornament they made.  They both made me one and I cherish them.

The "angel" below is an one of the ornaments from Bob's mom.  I never met her as she had passed before we married, but this and other things she made are special for him and we bring them out at Christmas.  The angel is nestled in a milkweed pod.  It's a piece of satin with a wooden head that she painted, and braid to hold it in.
Last, but not least is the "announcement" we received at Christmas in 1993.  The ornament reads, "From our Whole Family" but as you can see, the top red ornament is blank.  This was their way of telling us that another one was on the way.
That "other one" is 19 already,  home on Christmas break from college and is downstairs with Bob watching a movie right now.
There are many other memories on the tree, such as handmade ornaments from my sister and friends, and pictures of the grandkids when they were young, but these are my favorites.
So make a memory this Christmas and share.  I know I will.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HSCRC13 #22 Joy to the World

This is my card for the current Hymn and Scripture Challenge13 - #22 located HERE.  Sometimes I am not familiar with the hymn but I think we all know JOY TO THE WORLD - one of the ones I pretty much have had memorized since I was young.
If you are a musician, you may recognize my rendition of a Repeat Sign as I was concentrating on "Repeat the Sounding Joy".  The JOY promised with the birth of Jesus is worth repeating - not only at Christmas but all year long.  The verse I chose is Psalm 47:1 which I believe says it pretty plainly.
"Clap your hand, all you nations: Shout to God with cries of Joy."  If you have ever had a smidgeon of the joy He gives, you will be thirsty
for more.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HSCRC13 #21 Lord Speak to Me

This is my card for the current Hymn and Scripture Challenge located HERE.  The Hymn is Lord Speak to Me that I May Speak and although I sometimes have a rough time getting over the old English, there is some gold in here.
The part that I posted has the words, "Teach me that I may teach the precious things..."  The whole hymn gives the idea that we must first get the knowledge, the love, the know-how or whatever from God, and then we can be helpful to others.
I agree with that thought and that's the reason I picked the verse from I Samuel 3:10 which ends with "Speak, for your servant is listening.
I don't think we hear too much if we are not listening, and I want my ears to be open.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Victorine #74 Dry Embossing Red & GReen

Good Morning,
It's the start of a new challenge on Victorine Originals Blog located HERE.  This was easy and fun.  I used two A-2 sized pieces of cardstock 5.5x4.25".  I laid one on top of the other and cut down the middle.  This gave me the ability to make TWO cards just alike.  The green piece is dry embossed with Swiss Dots and slightly sanded to make the dots look like snow, and the red piece is left plain, but I popped up three Christmas trees that I had stamped in Ranger Distressed Peeled Paint and cut out.  I may try a darker green on the next one or maybe gold embossing powder or something.   PEACE is cut apart from the Peace Love Joy sentiment.  The trees could be decorated too, but I wanted this one to simulate "peace" so left it quiet.
Now I really need to get  out the Vagabond because I have my wrist in a brace from turning the Cuttlebug handle.  Check out the Victorine Blog.  They always give away stamps to the winner of the draw.  Make a card and enter.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Embossing and Glitter

This is my card for two challenges on today.  Find them HERE and HERE.  Technique Lovers Challenge which was to use glitter in with your embossing powder and Clean and Simple Challenge to use Red and White.  We could stamp the image with black and color it in and this saved me from ruin on the CAS, but using glitter IN WITH the embossing powder did me in.  I now have some very nice fine black embossing powder that will give me trouble for the rest of its life as there is glitter mixed in.  It got in there all by itself too.
I DON'T DO GLITTER - not for any reason at all.  I do own a bunch of it that I have collected over the years, but all I ever do is make a mess when forced to use it for some reason.  So I believe I will now attempt to clean up my mess.