Saturday, August 25, 2012

Card Boxes

I will never be a teacher.  I have a stamping group that meets at my house - just for fun.  We make cards and bookmarks and STUFF.  Our extras go in a box and we give them away to a homeless shelter in Milwaukee.  I recently have made some boxes for my cards for a craft sale and was showing them off.  You always have to take the consequences when you show off.  The ladies decided they wanted to learn how.  I made the boxes from cereal boxes, backs of legal pads and whatever kind of cardboard I can find to recyle.  Remember I am the Recycle Queen.

So today was the planned day to make boxes.  I really stressed making samples of Step one, Step Two etc. and we dug in.  I don't know how you people who teach a class do it.  Maybe doing a class in front of a camera is different, but 8 ladies who all go at different speeds, is really HARD for me.  I am not complaining as I enjoyed every minute, but when we finished, I ate lunch and then took a nap for an hour and a half.  THAT tells me it was hard.  The picture is of the sweet girls who all made a box under my direction.  Hard to believe.

These boxes are covered with everything from designer paper, old sheet music, brown paper bag (on back of the sheet music box), page from Penneys Catalog and wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper is the butterfly box on the right.  I think they did a wonderful job.  (Clap  and hoot please)

The most important part is that we all had fun recycling.  Enjoy your weekend.

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