Monday, May 13, 2013

On Gardening

To all Real Gardeners
I was just outside trying to weed my garden and talking to you. I know. I should be talking to Jesus, but I was talking to you. I kept asking what people see in weeding a garden. Why is it relaxing or whatever it is, and why do you love it so much. Does weeding quackgrass - or I should say, "pulling the tops off quackgrass" - give you a thrill, or is it smashing a spider before he gets YOU, or maybe it's replacing an earthworm that you just uprooted, who is trying frantically to get somewhere, and that "somewhere" us usually right where you are going to sit next.
These are just some of my questions. I didn't really stay out there long enough to come up with anymore, and I did get a pathetic little pile of grass out of my garden. That's when I decided that a "for real" gardener could do a better job than me and I came in and called one. She, of course, was not home, as I am sure she is out pulling quackgrass in someone else's garden or planting them one. But she will call back.
I may go out again, but this time I will be armed with a dandelion digger, and if I can come up with a bowlful of dandelions that I find growing next to the walk, I'm sure it will make Bob smile.

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  1. I feel ya, girlfriend! I hired a gardener. TFS your thoughts. :)