Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Beans

I said in my last post that I could see some beans that were ready to pick and I took my picture to prove it, but when I sent Bob up there on the ladder, he came down with an entire meal.  They HIDE.  They really do.  I am excited to get a meal out of my little garden.  Bob said there are lots of little ones up there and I can see lots of flowers, so it's lookin' good.  We may have more than one meal of fresh beans, but I will still head to the Farmer's Market for some to freeze.
Good Night All.


  1. How cool that there were a lot more than you expected! They're magic you know. :D

  2. Gosh - yours look much bigger than mine. But I think I chose a dwarf variety, LOL. They do hide, it's so true. And from just two plants, which were all that germinated while we were away in May, we got 6 or 7 meals so I was quite happy.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labours!!