Monday, February 3, 2014

Victorine #77 Gift Card Holder

 Good Morning
The current Victorine Originals Challenge starts today.  You can find it HERE.  This week we are making a gift card or candy holder.  I don't do candy, so mine is a Gift Card Holder.  Mine is a beanie which works well for this cold weather.
  I have forgotten where I got this pattern and am so sorry.  This is so easy  that I think you could do it yourself.  It's three pieces - two are exactly the same - the rounded top of the hat and the third is a simple bar and I rounded the corners.  My bar is 5 1/8" long and 1 3/4" high.
The two pictures on the bottom are the BACK of the holder and I put them on so you could get a better idea of how this operates. 
The BACK rounded piece, (tan) which is a bit more than a half circle (longer) is glued on the very bottom to the very bottom of the long panel.  Be careful to not get the glue on more than 1/4" all the way
across.  The second rounded piece is put on about a half inch lower and attached with an eyelet on the left side.  You can see the "gift card" sticking out on the left - just a corner.  I covered the eyelet with a glued on flower.
I am hoping you can tell how to do this from the pictures as I am noticeably terrible at giving directions.  You can decorate the hat with any kind of picture.  My button on top is a purchased one with a sticky back, and the flower is cut out of corrugated cardboard and the red dotted cardstock with a Tim Holtz die.
Check out the Victorine site for more cute "holders".  There is always a drawing and prize for stamps.  Good luck.

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