Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Window Screen Decoration

I am so excited about this decoration that I just had to share it with you.  I have had this rusty Basement Window Screen in my home office leaning the wall for about three years. When I like something, I always know that if I wait, it will come together with something else and something will get created. 
 It doesn't have to last for more than one season, because I know I will come up with another one.  And Bob is so good about picking up stuff for me.  (He gets around)  So, I don't know where this one came from, but I saved it.
Then I went to lunch with my daughter in law last week for her birthday and she suggested Steins after lunch.  Whoopee.  There were some gorgeous metal flowers for hanging.  I knew in a minute that I needed them. 
They are two layers, with metal petals on the bottom and - you guessed it - painted screening petals on the top layer.  They were all different colors, but I thought this pretty pink would go with my screen.
So I scrubbed up the frame, painted out a slightly rusty spot on the screen using some acrylic paint, measured where I wanted the flowers to rest and marked everything and then had Bob drill holes and put a piece of fixture chain on top to hang it.
I love it to pieces.

Close up of Flowers


  1. Carol, that's fabulous!! It reminds me of a couple of pieces of stained glass sculpture in old window frames that we saw in Greece last year. If I could have afforded the shipping I'd have been tempted...I love the weathered look in blue, and those happy flowers.

  2. Be still my heart! LOVE that window frame! The flowers are fab and cheery and just plain COOL! What a festive house deco, Carol. :)