Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fussy Cut Zentangle

What should I say?  This is a Masterpiece.  Only because it took many hours of work.  Bob and I watch pre recorded TV every night for an hour (that's about all I can take) and I sat and doodled for days.  Sometimes I was in a big hurry to finish and sometimes it was relaxing.
When I finished doodling the flowers, I just didn't feel like it was done, so I started fooling around.  I started cutting around the flowers on the right side.  I was planning on using the butterfly - which is a cut off half that I had used on another card.  It was cut out of an old non winning raffle ticket, so had writing on one side.  Obviously it didn't work on the right side of the card without showing the print, so I flipped the card. 
I tried lots of different colors for the background, but this one got me excited.  It's made by dragging a rainbow inkpad over the cardstock and was just sitting there on the table waiting to be used.
I used clear jewel brads in the flower centers and the leaves are cut from an old calendar that I couldn't bear to throw out.  And now I KNOW I will be doing more of these.


  1. Carol - that is beautiful! I love everything, the background, the lifelike looking leaves, and those amazing flowers. Speaking of calendars, now we're home after a few days away I must turn my heron over and see what July is.
    I have to say that our tolerance for TV (so to speak, since for us it's DVDs from the library) is an hour tops for most things and preferably more like 45 minutes. DH amazed me recently by watching a series which came in 1 1/2 hour episodes and he watched almost all of them as full single episodes instead of breaking them up over two nights as he would normally do.

  2. Fun! Zentangling is a good thing to do while waiting in the doctor's office or some such!

  3. I left you a comment on SC but let me say again how much I like this card! Your doodling is fantastic and the colors are so so bright and nice. :)