Saturday, February 21, 2015

{Glory Art} Scripture Challenge #3 - Truth

Hi Everyone.

 This is my card for the Scripture Challenge #3 - TRUTH from Patter Cross.  It can be found HEREI found this to be lots of fun.  The very first day I decided to look for a TRUTH in the Bible.  Out popped a "truth" I could not deny.  I decided to use it, but the very next day I found a different one.  This continued until I found the current Psalm 73: 24 & 25 which is one of my favorites.
     Short and sweet, I KNOW that when life feels like I am walking through a fog, it shouldn't matter that I'm not sure of the path because I know God's truth is that He is holding my hand and leading me with His wisdom.  IF I stumble, He will not let go of my hand, but picks me up and continues in the way He wants me to go.
     I didn't include the entire two verses, but the end of verse 24 says He will guide me all my life and then take me to glory.  How can I NOT trust Him with a truth  like this one?


  1. What an absolutely wonderful TRUTH you have shared! Beautiful page, Carole! Thank you! :o)

  2. Carole, this is beautiful in every way. I love the softness and tranquility in your card and that just matches what you write - we have security and peace when we hold on to God's hand, no matter how foggy life is!

  3. So glad you used this bible verse , it's wonderful ! Your page is lovely , really beautiful colours ! Thanks for an inspiring post !

  4. Great bkgrd and tree. Like the scripture. The great thing about His love, is that even if we try to let go, He will always be there. :)