Thursday, March 19, 2015

Glory Art Scripture Challenge #5 Not Alone

Hello Everyone,
This is my card for the Glory Art Scripture Challenge located HERE.  The challenge was to pick a verse and make a card with that thought which is so wonderfully portrayed in the song.
I found several verses that say "I will never leave you or forsake you" and wanted something different,
There are many promises saying God will never leave us, God is always with us, God is a shelter in the time of storm – which reminds me – why is it that we know this, but we usually wait until the storm is huge before we call on Him.  We think that if the “storm” is a small one, we can handle it ourselves, and that’s where the trouble starts.  We try to fix things the logical way, the comfortable way, or the most convenient way and God just stands watching us and waiting, until we are so uncomfortable or so helpless that we cry to Him.  Then He is immediately at our side to help us out of the muck we have gotten ourselves into.
I believe He wants us to call even when the storm is small, or, better yet, when we see the storm coming.  My verse is from the Psalms and they constantly point us to the heart of God.  Psalm 139:7 says "I can never be lost to your Spirit.  I can never get away from my God."  He is always there and always holding our hand and leading us when we let Him.


  1. How true, yes God wants us to call Him even before the storm arrives! Lovely card, the stems create a wonderful sense of movement.

  2. I am so glad I found your blog through SCS. Your cards are beautiful and so is your love for our Lord! Do you print your verses or do you use stamps? I may have found another challenge! God bless!