Monday, March 26, 2012


It's Monday and I am still reeling from my busy, busy weekend.   Besides church, a guest for lunch, an estate sale, a funeral and some shopping on the weekend, Sat. morning was my Paper Inclinations stamping/cardmaking group.  We do cards, bookmarks etc. for Local Charities and this time we concentrated on making envelopes. (My one source for inexpensive envelopes and cardstock in the Milwaukee area has closed to the public)   We had a couple patterns and it turned out to be lots of fun.  We made some out of brown wrapping paper, some out of a type of tightly woven construction paper that was donated, and some out of a thin white cardstock.  Sort of a no-mind task, just tracing and cutting out and we all had a really great time.  Next time I intend to have tried a couple of the homemade envelope glue recipes I have links for, and we can finish them off.  Wish me luck.
The picture is Rufus our labradoodle.  He dug a hole in the dirt where we are trying to get grass to grow and when he saw me coming, the stinker turned his head the closed his eyes.  Can you believe it!

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