Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Spring Flowers

These are two pictures that I took of my flowers today just before lightning struck and the power went out.  Bob and I decided to walk the dog before the rain came.  We headed down the road in front of our house, got almost to the end and I felt a huge raindrop splash on my face.  We turned around the decided to get home as soon as we could.  We got about 3 houses from the corner, there was a loud noise and we saw a "fireball" on top of the power pole.  I turned around and Bob was ducking.  From what is what I wondered.  A reaction, I guess as he was in the middle of the road.  The lightning had hit the pole, burned out the fuses and "chewed" through the steel  wire holding up the pole. (No, it didn't fall), but it took out power to 93 homes.  Bob is an electrical contractor and knew just who to call and the power company had it fixed in a couple hours, but this was the closest I had ever been outside and unprotected when lightning struck and it was a bit unnerving.  I am thankful for God's protection.

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