Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Church Plant

Some of the reason for being so busy lately is that I am a total social butterfly, but another reason is that Bob and I are involved in a Church Plant right now.  For those of you that have asked "What THAT"? I will explain.

When an Independent church finds that a lot of the people who attend are coming from a different area or areas, then that church may decide to start another church in a different area to make themselves more accessible to the current members who are already travelling further than they really want to.  This is called a Church Plant.  (It's being planted in a different area and expected to grow by finding people who don't attend any church and inviting them).

We have never been involved with something like this before and it's new and exciting.  The first thing that has to happen is "awareness" which is basically advertising.  The people in the area who might be interested need to know that a church is starting, what it's all about and when it will open it's doors to the public.  So our small group of people which I think number about 65-70 including children is getting involved in every community thing going on this summer in the city where the church will be.  We have a pastor and a children's minister who are leading and organizing.

There is a Street Fair every first Friday and we have a spot.  There will be a festival with a parage and we have a float.  There is a city craft fair and I will have the church booth.  I get to sell cards.  Whooie!  We are basically trying to get very involved  in the community as this is the kind of church we will be when the doors open.

I know I'm long winded, but I hope this answers a few questions.

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