Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TLC387 - Enlightened Ribbon

Hello Friends,   This is the card I made for TLC387 on Splitcoast located here.  The ribbon was supposed to be pleated or ruched.  I can't pleat too straight and what the heck is ruching anyway.  Mine's gathered.  I guess that's half cheating.  I've decided I can't make a decent card when I'm in a rush, and there doesn't seem to be anything but RUSH, RUSH lately.  And I have had the Gas Company AND the Phone Company here this week to check if we are falling apart or what.  We DID get some rain though and I am still very thankful for that.  In about a week I will be complaining about mosquitoes, but right now it's gorgeous here.  My flowers are even blooming again.

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