Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr President

Hi Everyone,  I am excited to share a biggy in our family.  Our youngest grandson was elected Class President today.  We are so proud we are about busting our buttons.  This is the card I made for Ryan.  Let me tell you the story behind what's on here.  I have a whiteboard on my fridge and when Ryan was quite a bit younger, I used to put messages for the kids on there.  For a long time I had "Ryan for President" on the board.  He didn't like that, so one day I explained that it didn't necessarily mean President of the United States, but that it could be president of a corporation or even class president.  That calmed him down and this week he took me up on it.  I am so proud.

The sign - as close as I could get to his class colors - is there because when Ryan checked out a couple colleges last month, he had an appointment at one and when they drove in there was a special parking place with a sign - in lights - with his name.  He was bigtime impressed.

The inside of the card says, "Follow your dreams and expect them to come true".  We look forward to new exciting things for you.  We couldn't be more proud!!

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  1. Congratulations to the proud grandparents!!
    I tried the sweet pickles today - very nice indeed. Thank you for the recipe - and the link to the one with allspice. Once I found my allspice berries I added some of those in :D.
    I would LOVE to see all your stored treats, your larder and freezer must be a real treasure-house.