Monday, September 10, 2012

Radically Grateful

Good Morning Everyone,  I just subscribed to a new blog called Transforming Common Days which you can find here.  I absolutely LOVE the first thought today and that's to be Radically Grateful.  What a super idea.  Susan started with "the sound of insects at night" and compares it to God's first deep breath.  Awesome.  I think we could all use some Radical Gratefulness and I will start by listing a couple of things I am grateful to God for today.

1. The ability to make greeting cards
2. The resources to make them with
3. Friends to send them to and that they give a lift.
4. The strength to do all the crazy canning I have done this summer
5. The 'beauty' of all the jars on my basement shelf
6. The GOOD feeling I get looking at all those jars - knowing God is providing and always will.

Have a wonderful day and You be thankful too.

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