Monday, November 26, 2012

Vacation Cards

I can hardly remember the relaxed feeling I had when we were on vacation in Oct. Life had sped up more than I want to admit since we got back.  We rented a "cabin in the woods" as Bob is always wishing for one.  No phone service and no TV reception.  I LOVED it.  The weather was perfect and I mean PERFECT.  We went for walks, watched DVDs, did email, went on an ancestor hunt with great success and most of all, I was able to sit and just make cards.  This is a picture of most of the cards I made.  I did mail a couple.  The place we were is called  Cabin Creekwood and is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  You can find it online.  if you want privacy, solitude, gorgeousness all around you, wonderful host and hostess, and total relaxation.

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  1. Sweetness!! I thought about you today......was chuckling again about how cool it was to get to meet you!!