Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Decorations

I don't know about you, but I usually have a tough time with Winter Decorations for my house.  I think it's maybe because all the glitz and glory of Christmas and then Winter is here is full force and I feel SO PLAIN.  And what can you do with "plain".  I try to make some simple seasonal decorations from things I already have around the house.  Goodwill is a good spot, but I already have LOTS from Goodwill so I just start digging.
This decoration is in a small corner by the front door,  at the foot of our stairway and is intended to move your thoughts to Valentine's Day.  I have lots of "collections" and at my house something that you have more than two of is a collection.  I have more than two Vintage Purses, more than two Vintage Hats and at least two Vintage Umbrellas, so we started there.
The lampstand is from Goodwill.  I found it this fall.  The cord was already cut off and the hat or whatever else I put on usually covers the "lampy" part on top.  Bob is an electrician and will take it apart for me in a minute if I ask, but as long as it doesn't show, I am fine using it as a display.  Goodwill has lots of different kinds of these.  The hunt is the best part.  The cloth is probably a yard of something I couldn't resist once and is not hemmed, but just put over the round covered box underneath.  I store wrapping paper in there.
I am not completely happy with this and keep moving the purse around.  I might try one that lays flat next.  This one has to be propped and I want the lampstand base to show.  Any ideas are welcome.  I sure won't feel offended.


  1. You've got some neat stuff, Carol! This is a nice, simple, clean, and classy arrangement. The only suggestion I could make is if you wanted to add anything to it ... perhaps a period, framed picture would look nice? For decades my fav and first places to shop were thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales and flea markets. I loved "old" stuff, particularly primitive pieces. For me, the "older, grungier, dirtier, and uglier," the better! Hee! Through the yrs I found a wealth of a-m-a-z-i-n-g items. Some came with a story and all the others, I wondered about. Enjoy your "stuff" cause like the Christmas decos, they bring joy, as well. :)

    1. I think I have the perfect vintage photo of my gramma when she was young - or maybe Mom. I'm going to work on it. Thanks.