Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yes! Snow!

This is unbelievable.  I have wanted snow for a long time now and we just never get any - at lease not any to talk about - and this is Wisconsin.  We got some this morning and I wanted this picture here to prove it.  This was taken through my upstairs front window about 15 minutes ago and yes, we have snow.  It's OK.  We are supposed to have snow in Wisconsin, but somehow this year, we keep getting missed.  It's not a lot and if you look closely, you can see the grass through it.  AND the sun was out in this picture, but my camera was facing right into it, so the picture is bad.  But the temperature is high enough that it might just melt so here's my proof.


  1. Wow - you sound like me this year! I'm in VA and we finally got snow last Friday. Maybe 3 inches, all melted by Monday. But it sure is beautiful, isn't it?

  2. Based on my reading of Little House in the Big Woods, I can't believe this is all the snow you have! It does look picturesque. If we had even that amount here, things would slowly grind to a halt - the points on the railway line would freeze, public transport would dwindle to a skeleton service...But 13 degrees, no thank you!! Stay warm!!