Monday, December 23, 2013

Recycled Burger Box?

Hello!  I have an entire evening alone - to rest, relax and do whatever I want.  I should be cleaning as Christmas Dinner is HERE, but I'm playing instead.  Wouldn't you?  Who needs a clean house anyway!
My story:  I stopped to get a fast burger one day and discovered the burger box.  Since then I have been very careful to not let any ketchup, lettuce, dressing or anything else on that box because they make the neatest cards.  I just finished this one and am hoping it's my LAST for this year.
My intent is to show you a few steps to get the thing from Burger Box to Card Material

I started with the box.  Clean it up if necessary as no one wants to get a card that smells like food, but if it's bad, you need to pitch that part and just use the good stuff.  You will find all sort of "inside information" on the inside of the box - like the type of burger it is and what should go on each one.  You can ignore that as you will be peeling all that off in a minute.  You can cut the entire box up - cutting on each fold to get your pieces to use.  Your next step will be to find WATER.  I use a spray bottle from whatever I used up last, but running the cardboard under a faucet works too.  You need to be careful to not get it too wet.   If this happens, let it dry some or use a heat tool on it. Just the top layer needs to be wet enough to come off.  Catch an end with a fingernail and gently start to pull.  It should come off easily.

If you get it too wet and the backside comes off too, you will lose the wrinkles and they are the reason you are messing with this in the first place. If you are wetting it under a faucet, just wet it quickly, then pat off the excess and let it soak in. I dried mine this time with a heat tool after the top layer was off, and it worked well.   Once your cardboard is dry, you can use it as you would cardstock, chipboard or other things to make small embellishments for cards or scrapbooks or whatever you like.
I used the framelets from Stampin' Up's Ornament Keepsake set to make my ornaments for the card.  I like the bare cardboard look, but you sure could paint them or sponge them,  always being careful to not press too hard as this cardboard is very soft and I think that's what makes it wonderful.



  1. Way Cool! A crafter after my own heart!!

  2. Love the scrunchy bkgrd, recycled cardboard ornaments and the sparkly sentiment. Missed this one here but I think I commented on SC. :)