Thursday, December 20, 2012

Round Robin Cards

 My Paper Inclinations stamping group met on Saturday for a nice  Christmas Brunch and some fun.  A Round Robin card was to be the project - just for fun.  There were seven of us and we devided into two groups.  Each person got a blank card to "start".  You ended up with the card that you started.  We decided it should be that way because if you started the card out hot pink, some other person might not be overjoyed to get a hot pink Christmas card.  The idea worked well.  I am going to attempt to tell what happened for the ladies who were not able to attend.
Most of the cards start out white or off white, so I am going to put down the steps as well as I can.  On the above card this was the order.  The polka dot background, next the Christmas light sticker, then the corner doily and last of all the greeting, flower and gold cord.
 Card on Right: First the three pieces of patterned designer paper were glued on, then the sentiment, then the flowers and last the pinecones. All but the base on this one are stickers.
Card to Left:  This card started out red.  Green square was added, then the flower attached with a brad, then the Santa sticker and last the piercing and greeting.  These are by no means the prettiest in the bunch.  The ladies did an awesome job working together with the colors that came to them, and making each card look like a well coordinated piece of art.  I am so proud of them.  All you are seeing here are the ones I got to bring home.  All of them were very pretty.  Ladies, you rock!

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  1. Nice cards! Sounds like a great way to make the cards--round robin. I'll have to remember that if my kid cousins come to make Valentine cards. LOVE the Santa card and Santa sticker. So glad the event turned out great and that everyone had fun. :)