Monday, October 14, 2013

Apple Time

 It's Apple Time.  We have three trees that outdid themselves this year.  This week is Apple Pie and Cider making week.  Tonight we did some of both.  I think we do it all the hard way, but I will never be sure.
Today while Bob was at work, I washed these three bowls of apples.  We figure this many makes a gallon of cider.  And we have a system.  But I think I have to talk about cider tomorrow as I forgot to take pictures.
After dinner tonight we first made two pies.  This part of our system works well as we can make cider while the pies are in the oven.  This next picture is Bob peeling apples.  He peels and I trim and cut them up.  We have a wonderful apple peeler that makes this part go fast.

Peeling Apples

After Bob gets the apples peeled and cut, I get to put the pies together.
These are 8" pies and I bake them for 50 minutes. 
All Peeled and Cut for Pie or Cider
Most of the pies are for the freezer for this winter.  But I keep one out to eat every now and then.


  1. Yum!! On both fronts.
    Count your blessings on having such a bumper harvest, too. Some fruits have done well here, but on the whole it's a poor apple harvest because it was so cold for so long. We have a few home-grown apples from a friend, which is a real treat.
    I remember you cooperative pie process from last year, but look forward to seeing your cider.

  2. YUMO, the pies look awesome! I love 'em loaded with apples and thatsa lotta apples! So glad you and Bob work together on this project. I can only imagine how good the pies are. We are paying $14 for a 10" pie from the orchard. :)