Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Cider - The System

 Yesterday I said we had a system with our cider making.  Now I'm here to show you the pictures.  You  are not getting real action pictures as I need both hands working on apples and who will hold the camera?  But I think you can tell by the juice on the table and in the bowl that we were in the middle of making it right here.
The first picture is of the grinding contraption that Bob put together.  This is a New in the Box Garbage Disposal that he mounted to this little stand that he built just like you would mount it under your kitchen sink.  The top view is on the right and the hole is what you would put your potato peels etc. down.  Bob is an electrician and built a nice, safe grinder with an "on/off" switch to grind up the apples.
 The bowl under the stand is to set the mesh bag in that will catch the ground up apples when they come out the spout on the disposal.  I guess you could attach the bag, but we just hold it in place as this step goes pretty fast.
Next we transfer the bag in the bowl over to the cider press.  The bowl goes under the spout and the mesh bag goes inside the press and lets the cider drain out.  We have learned to not turn the press too fast as we have broken more bags than I need to mention in our learning process.  The cider drains out the spout and gets poured into a cleaned up milk jug and put in our freezer with  a good bit of head space for freezing and no cap on until it's frozen. This is our 3rd gallon & it sure looks good for Christmas this year.


  1. Oh my goodness does that look good! Rich, dark and perfectly, naturally sweet I'd bet! Do you add anything to it ... such as spices? Now I can clearly understand how the garbage disposal thingie works and it makes total sense. Bob is so clever. Hee! :)

  2. Oh goodness - isn't Bob clever! That's the best use I've ever seen for a sink garbage disposal. OK - maybe when I worked in a 5th floor apartment in the centre of London it was handy, but here almost everything gets composted. And that juice sure does look good!