Monday, October 14, 2013

Puffball Mushroom

I guess it's that time of year again.  A friend emailed a picture to Bob last night and said, "Is this a puffball mushroom"?  The picture was small but I assured him that "as near as I could see, it was a puffball".  That alerted me to the fact that it was time to go looking.  I call our woods, our "Fairy Chasm" as it's steep on both sides and has a little water at the bottom that's the overflow from our lake.  I should not have walked into it with sandals on today either, but I did.
This is what I found. It's not a big one - maybe 5" across - but enough to have some fun with.  I had a handful of dried weeds too that I intended to spray and use for decorating, but by the time I got most of the way through the woods, which is small, I decided I might not make it back up the hill if I insisted on carrying the dried weeds, so I ditched them and came out with only the puffball and a bunch of tiny green pickers that stuck all over the front of my shirt.
Our friend made a Mushroom Omelet with some of his this morning and I may try that next.  I usually make Mushroom Soup - which tastes just like Campbell's.  Check out YOUR woods this week.


  1. It may be nothing like the humungous one you shared last year - but it's still at least three times bigger than anything I've ever seen here. When we were in Switzerland in September I saw a few, but again they were much smaller than this. Enjoy the omelet - or the soup :D.

  2. Awesome. Yours might have mine beat!

  3. The only woods I have are two trees out front. Hee! I can't believe it's puff ball mushroom time again! Seems like such a short time ago you were making delicious mushroom soup. I wonder how they taste compared to the white mushrooms you buy at the grocer? :)