Sunday, October 6, 2013

Class Reunion?

If you think you will see pictures of my 50th Class Reunion, you can think again.  Bob and I headed "up north" where everyone in WI goes in summer for a two day planning meeting for him (they entertained the spouses too) and then on to my class reunion and a visit with family.  Now about the reunion.  We walked into a room of "elderly people" and I thought I was in the wrong place, but then I saw a familiar face.  Mine in the mirror?  Good thing it wasn't.  We WERE in the right place and lucky for us all, the organizers had made buttons with pictures out of the yearbook.  So I could relax a bit and at least remember the first names.
I thought this reunion was lots better than the last when people seemed to me to be trying to prove something.  This time we concentrated on accomplishments of different people and happy memories of the School Days.  One person walked about 130 miles to the reunion to raise money for the hungry in Haiti.  He was limping a bit, but was able to get up front and say a few words.   There are lots of NICE people in my High School Class.
The Fall color was at its peak in northern WI and we thoroughly enjoyed our ride back home today.  We stopped lots of times to take pictures and I want to share a few of them.
Old Barn
Rolled Snow Fence

Elcho Water Tower


  1. Pretty fall pictures! Love the old barn and that snow fence will be rolled out sooner than later. Arrggh. Glad you had a nice time and that the reunion was better this time than last. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, Carol! I love the barn, especially as we would never see anything at all like that here. And a snow fence - I've never even heard of that!!

    1. Oh Sabrina. I think that's funny. Do you get snow in Ireland at all? The snow fence, of course, does not keep the snow away, but only keeps it off the road when the wind blows. It makes a drift next to the fence instead. At least I think that's how it works. :)